We love to worship!  Our worship should always be in spirit and in truth, with unrelenting passion, bringing us into a deeper intimacy with God. True passion releases true worship.  As we display the love we have for Jesus with our undivided hearts, we will come deeper into His Presence.  When true praise and worship occurs, Jesus is given His rightful place of honour.  He is truly enthroned!  We believe, as we praise and worship, many will be healed and saved.  Let the songs of Heaven be released on earth!  Come join us as we lift up our sacrifice of praise (Hebrews 13:15) so all may hear of our God.


Helen Topping

- worship lead -

 I have had the privilege of serving the Church as part of worship team families in several Churches for nearly 30 years. My heart is to see the Church experience His manifest presence every time we meet corporately to give Him praise. I long to see lives turn to Jesus, to see people’s lives touched by their wonderful Creator. Passionate, vibrant worship is a valued, important part of our fellowship. We are blessed to have a team of skilled, anointed worshippers, who meet regularly to pray together, to worship together and to seek Gods heart in our serving. Together we will continue to grow and move forward in the greatest, most exciting journey of our lives!

Daniel Symons

- worship lead in training -


Daniel Symons


Faith Topping


Helen Topping


William Figuracion