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The vision for the young adults is based on three main points:


  1. Relationship with God – love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul and mind – Matthew 22:37

  2. Deepen relationship with each other and support each other to grow in faith – Ephesians 4:15

  3. Be salt and light, speaking the truth in to all love including those outside the church – Matthew 5:13-16

As a group we meet regularly both for relationship building and spiritual growth through Bible study and social events. We highly value the importance of deepening relationships with God but also each other to support one another in our walks with God and day to day life. 

New faces are always welcome! We will strive to ensure you feel a part of our growing family and feel free to ask any questions without judgement; to seek God together for answers and guidance.

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Our heart is to see young adults on fire for Christ, being salt and light in every day of their lives.  To nurture the passion for a deep relationship with God and to understand what it really means to be Jesus to those in our homes and workplaces.  Through leading a life of love and living the truth of that in every situation, the world will see God working in and through our young adults and recognise God as the source as they seek God’s will to understand the truth He gives and use His wisdom to apply that truth.